New Patient Center

 What to expect

o A new patient visit takes about 45 minutes to complete. We will go through a thorough health history and physical exam to target the cause of the complaint. After the exam, we will discuss the findings and ensure that you know exactly the cause of your problem. We also encourage any and all questions at this time. A specific and individualized treatment plan is made for the patient and at-home care is usually given after the second visit to optimize treatment. Another important note, we are NOT in-network with health insurance. We accept cash, credit card and HSA/flex cards for payment.

o    Every treatment plan is specific to the patient, however, here is a general protocol that we follow.
             Mobilize: the first few treatments will be focused on mobilizing the area of concern so that it can begin healing properly.
             Stabilize: once the area and symptoms decrease we will work on getting it stable and functioning properly.
             Performance club/maintenance club: now that the patient is feeling back to normal and the goals of the treatment are met, you are now part of the performance club. Here, we usually set up a maintenance plan for the patient to follow so they are able to continue performing at their best.