What is the popping sound during an adjustment?

o   Some joints in the body do not make sound, some occasionally make a sound, while others make very loud sounds. The sound you hear during an adjustment is gas leaving the joint capsule. Similar to when you pull a suction cup off a window and hear a pop. The “popping” sound does not correlate with the effectiveness of an adjustment.

Is it bad to “crack” my own neck?

o   When a person “cracks” their neck they usually use a force with their hands and strain their neck muscles trying to get that popping sensation. This becomes an active force on the neck putting it in a compromised position. A person can make their neck more lax by doing this and also cause the neck muscles to become more tight or irritated. When a doctor adjusts the neck, we use a passive range of motion and specific movements to correct the spinal joint restriction. Also, it is not possible for a person to move every joint in their neck, so they are usually not moving the joints actually causing the problem. If you ever have the sensation of “it feels like I need my neck cracked” see a chiropractor to determine the dysfunction of your neck.

How often should I get adjusted?

o    This depends on lifestyle and how a person’s body takes an adjustment. Some people get adjusted twice a year because their body holds an adjustment well. Another person may need it once a month because they get stiff after sitting at a desk for a long time (for example). A treatment plan is specific for an individual.