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Cupping is an alternative therapy that has been around for many years. There are many benefits to cupping, some include: pain management, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and deep tissue massage.


Kinesio taping acts to lift the skin away from the fascia and muscle, this allows for decompression and reduced swelling. The application also decreases pain.

Instrument assisted stretching

 We have various ways of decreasing muscle and fascia tension. These instruments work great for decreasing pain, scar tissue and trigger points.


What is Sports Chiropractic?

-          Chiropractic simply means “to treat by hand”. Chiropractors use their highly trained sense of touch to identify joint fixation in the spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and foot. Once we find a fixation we use a specific amount of pressure to the area to relieve that fixation. Once that restriction is removed, the body can move in its full range of motion and joint pain is usually decreased as well.

Not only do we remove joint restriction throughout the body, we also decrease tension of the surrounding musculature. We work to stretch the tight muscles and strengthen the elongated ones, so that the body can move the joints in a more supported movement. The result is balanced motion and less joint strain.


Our Spaces

Ramsey Location

We are located inside of Physical Therapy Consultants of Ramsey.

7876 Sunwood Dr. NW, Suite #200, Ramsey, MN 55303

Blaine Location

We are located inside of Pursuit Fitness in Blaine.

1618 99th Ln NE, Blaine, MN 55449



Dr. Jessica Wark

Dr. Wark is a Chiropractor that specializes in sports and athletic injuries. Her focus is to determine the cause of the dysfunction/symptoms and correct the cause, so that the injury can heal and symptoms diminish.

Dr. Wark also works directly with a few athletic teams/schools in the area. She provides sideline and training room care for athletes of all ages. Working directly with a team is very rewarding because we are able to help athletes get back to play stronger and sooner.

Whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior or just someone who is tired of annoying reoccurring pain, we are happy to help in anyway possible to get you back to what you enjoy doing.

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