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Cupping is an alternative therapy that has been around for many years. There are many benefits to cupping, some include: pain management, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and deep tissue massage.


Kinesio taping acts to lift the skin away from the fascia and muscle, this allows for decompression and reduced swelling. The application also decreases pain.

Instrument assisted stretching

 We have various ways of decreasing muscle and fascia tension. These instruments work great for decreasing pain, scar tissue and trigger points.


What is Chiropractic?

-          Chiropractic simply means “to treat by hand”. Chiropractors use their highly trained sense of touch to determine joint fixation (subluxation) in the spine. Why the spine? Did you know that every cell in the body is fed information via the central nervous system (CNS)! The spinal cord (CNS) lives within the bony structure of the stacked vertebra (bones of the spine). The nerves that feed the entire body start in the spine and travel to various organs, muscles, skin, etc. For example, the nerves that supply the bladder exit the spine at the sacrum (very bottom structure of the spine). If a patient complains of bladder symptoms (bed wetting, for example) they may have spinal dysfunction in the low back or sacrum. Even though back pain isn’t always present..


Our Space

Our office is located inside of Adrenaline Sports Center in Ramsey. This is a very new building, so Google maps and phone GPS is incorrect. Please use the below picture to find the building from hwy 10.

8710 147th Ave NW, Ramsey, Minnesota 55303

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Dr. Jessica Wark

Dr. Wark grew up in the small town of Zimmerman, MN. While in high school she participated in track and field and cheerleading. After high school she attended college at the University of Minnesota in Crookston, MN where she graduated with a Bachelors in Health Sciences. Throughout her time as an undergraduate student, she fell in love with soccer and athletics. This prompted her decision for a career in health care and to attend graduate school. Once graduated, she moved to Bloomington, MN to attend Chiropractic school at Northwestern Health Sciences University. About half way through the program she became determined to work in athletics and sports care management. With this decision, she also became a student at Concordia University to acquire a Master’s degree in Exercise Sciences. Here, she conducted original research on the effects that ankle injuries have on ankle proprioception. Not only does Dr. Wark have first hand experience of sport injuries as an athlete, she is highly motivated to better an athlete’s performance and prevention using conservative care. She is also a great team leader with skills developed from managing soccer clubs throughout her undergraduate and graduate careers.

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